Review Questions for 3rd Nine Week Exam

Textbook p 418
11. What caused discontent in the old French regime?
12. When the Estates General convened in 1789, what actions did the Third Estate
take and why?
15. List the Reforms Napoleon made as the leader of France
18. What impact did Enlightenment Ideas have on the French Revolution?
Textbook p 502
10. How did the industrial revolution influence the class structure of Europe?
13. What were the technological, social and economic effects of the Industrial Revolution?
Textbook p 557
Explain what group pressed for laws to outlaw child labor and limit working hours
along with other issues.
Textbook p 594
1. Define imperialism
9. Describe the four motives for the new imperialists
17. How did westerners gain trading rights in China during
the 1800’s?
Textbook P 662
7.How did the alliance system that developed in the 1900’s help cause WW I?
11. How did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany? [Guilt Clause]

The Curious Ritual That Wasn’t

Yesterday I checked out the weather and saw, directly across the street in the fallow field, some sort of ritual going on. A black truck was parked with the door open and a somber man was standing sort of half in and half out of it on the driver’s side. An equally somber young man was standing very still gazing at what looked to be white pillars as if a memorial was set up. Had there been a murder across the street during my busy workweek? How could I not have heard about it if there was?

Maybe someone was burying a pet? Or someone died elsewhere and they set up a memorial in the field? That seemed weird. I grabbed the binoculars and could partially see a white table and two chairs though the tallish grass. Now the somber young man was kneeling. Then I saw a woman partially lying in the grass. Could this be a suicide pact in action? I called a neighbor who, conveniently, was coming home from the grocery store and agreed to check it out. From the higher vantage point of her truck she could see….. a photography shoot.

She hypothesized it was an engagement photoshoot. By the time my husband was home they were gone. So here is the $64,000 question. Who were they? Why did they pick that spot? Lacking a private eye’s telephoto lens, I have no photos. My hands were busy holding the phone and the binoculars. But at least I have a witness…


I am a Teacher in Florida Redux


Jamie Cagle-Miller’s classic “I am a Teacher in Florida” is about the generalities of teaching in Florida. If you haven’t read it, you must. If you’ve read it, it’s worth a few minutes to savor the truth she serves up. Depressing as it is, I wonder how much things have changed.

I am working on a post regarding the state of educaton in Florida. In the meantime, I invite you to contact me regarding your feelings on the topic of education. You may do so privately via the Tangerine Florida Facebook page. I don’t spend much time on Twitter so that’s out. You can leave a comment on this post if you don’t mind it being public.

Back to School

This is not a teacher's lounge
This is not a teacher’s lounge

Since it’s back to school for kiddos and teachers, I thought I’d share a couple of links for your enjoyment. The first one is a humorous blog post by a mom to her children’s teachers. The second is a sobering reminder of how education in the United States is misunderstood. I seriously doubt that banning teacher’s lounges will fix education. BTW, they don’t exist any more. Now they are “workrooms” where teachers work and eat at the same time.

Happy Back to School Days!